Little Red Hoodie

Up until 2012, I considered myself a poet. I had been writing poems for over two decades and had started to store them on a blog, called Kim or Lisa. Then a switch was flipped and I started to develop stories with the first one being this. An idea formed one night and then it began to expand as I slept. Then the next day, I sat down and wrote

Excerpt from His Last Wish

Below is an excerpt from His Last Wish, book 2 of the Sapodilla Resort & Spa series. This contemporary Caribbean novel is available for pre-order and, for a limited time, it is only 99¢ until it’s release day of November 15th. Take advantage of this deal by clicking the following links: Amazon (US), Amazon (CA), and Amazon (UK). Prologue As sunlight filtered through cotton soft white clouds drifting lazily across

Peaches: A Zombie Story

“Eh, what’s that Cheryl?” I make my last walkthrough of a warehouse on the outskirts of St. John’s where I am stationed. My shift is coming to an end, and the last thing I want to hear is that I am not going to get my paycheck this afternoon. “Eh, the boss turn into a zombie and didn’t sign the checks and dem?” I return to the guard booth and