Befriending him may lead to the end of her marriage…

A ocean away from the only life she knows, Jade Johansen can’t seem to find her place in her husband’s home city of Aarhus, Denmark that is until she befriends a man from her husband’s past.

As the friendship grows so does her guilt in not telling her husband about the other man in her life. A man whose intentions are far from noble and may lead to the end of Jade’s marriage.

Will Jade’s husband forgive her for not telling him about the other man? And when he finds out that she’s pregnant, will he take Jade’s word that the baby is his?

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Chapter One

Her skin was dark, two or so shades darker than mine and it was that pretty black. It was free of blemishes and was stretched over high cheeks, puckered over full lips and seemed to capture the light and refused to let it go. She, the woman who reminded me of my ex-coworker Sage, now stood in the produce section inspecting an onion.

Under the fluorescent light of the small neighborhood supermarket, she seem to be illuminated in her darkens and I… I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. I was drawn to her because in a city of people, she was one of the few that looked like me.

As she slipped the onion into a plastic bag and tied it, I stood behind her. I fumbled for the right words to start a conversation. Something charming, something disarming, something that was friendly but not too friendly that it bordered on flirtatious. I was a married woman after all.

Just as I settled on the simple, yet overused, “Hi, do I know you?” the melody of Sia’s Chandelier began to play. It rose in volume as I dug into my bag to get to the source of the music. Pulling the cell phone out and pressing accept, I was the one being observed. Her dark eyes searched my face as though running through the catalog of black faces in the Danish city of Aarhus.

Turning away, I tried to focus on the person on the other end of the call. I listened, but my mind reeled on how I could reclaim this moment, hold it before it slipped completely from my grasp.


“Hi, babes,” I replied. Maybe I should start by laughing it off.

“I just reserved a table at Restaurant Et!” Gregers extolled.

“Huh? What? Why?” I looked down at my cart filled with groceries for dinner.

“It’s a surprise,” he barely contained his excitement.

“A surprise?” I whined.

“A good surprise,” he assured me. “One worth celebrating.”

“But you can always give me a clue,” I cooed.

“No, not till tonight,” my husband said firmly and I recognized that his excitement would not let me coax anything out. “The reservation is for eight,” he continued. “And the dress code is semi-formal.

“Okay,” I replied, running through my wardrobe for the ideal dress. “And I’m not getting a clue?” I tried once more.

“Not till tonight,” Gregers affirmed. “And Jade.”


“I love you,” He didn’t have to say it, but I loved hearing it.

“I love you, too,” I grinned like an idiot. “Now get back to work before they fire you and I have to go looking for a job to support us.”

Through a chuckle, Gregers said, “It would take more than me talking to my wife for Hr. Olsen to fire me. All the same, see you later.”

“Later,” I said before pulling the phone and way and looking at his smiling face before the display faded to black.

Looking up, I was brought back to the supermarket and remembered what I was about to do. I spun around, half expecting to see the woman I had followed through the supermarket. All I found was the bin of onions and I was alone, save for an old Danish woman who tried not to stare at me.

Perhaps I would have done the same if a stranger appeared behind me only to turn away to answer a phone call. I doubted it as I reached for a plastic bag and blindly filled it with a handful of garlic bulbs. Most likely I would have waited out of curiosity because she would have been what I needed, someone like me. Well, I told myself that she was like me. I now wondered if I would ever find out.

As I finished my shopping, I pushed aside any thought of the dark woman and tried to figure out Gregers’s surprise. Handing over the credit card to the bored cashier, I resigned myself that I would just have to wait.

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