Lovers + Friends

Lovers + Friends Boxset

When Friends Become Lovers, Their Relationship Will Never Be The Same

Imani James values her friendship with Ian Hunte, but he wants to be more than friends. Coming to terms with her own feelings for him, she takes a chance on love, but the new relationship is not free of drama, secrets and heartbreak.

This Box Set contains all four (4) books of the series, Lovers & Friends

Book 1: Would they risk a great friendship for love?

Imani James, a beautiful, black grad student, wasn’t looking for love but she discovers that Mr. Right is right at her finger tips. But when faced with having a friend become a lover, Imani hesitates, a decision she now regrets.

Over the short time he’s known Imani, Ian Hunte, an attractive, white law student, has fallen for his close friend and now he wants to be more than friends. Faced with rejection, he goes in search of love in all the wrong places only to discover that Imani is the only woman for him.

In trying to preserve their friendship, Imani brings it close to destruction, but when given a second chance will she accept Ian as a lover.

Book 2: Can their love withstand this?

After taking the leap from being friends to being lovers, Imani James is more than content with her relationship with Ian Hunte, but a mistake in Ian’s recent past threatens their new relationship.

Ian is about to be a father and Imani is not the one pregnant with his child.

With the birth of Ian’s son, Imani uncovers a secret. One that refuses to be buried. A secret that may lead to the end of their perfect relationship. But it isn’t the secret that brings everything crashing down.

With every revelation the couple remains strong and committed to each other, but when faced with losing his son, Ian makes a decision that breaks Imani’s heart.

Book 3: Is this the beginning or the end?

From the ashes of an old relationship emerges a new one, but with it comes unresolved hopes and fears. Although Imani had moved across the country to start anew, her ties to the past have only grown stronger. But her inability to follow her heart promises to break the ties that bind her to the man she loves, once and for all.

Ian still loves Imani and wants her back, but how long will he be strung along?

When the only thing Imani can offer him is her friendship, will he accept it?
In losing Ian, Imani can not deny her feelings for him, but is it too late….

Book 4: Everything Comes To An End

After starting her business, Imani James Consulting, Imani is threatened by a lawsuit that may bankrupt her. But help comes from the last person she waned involved in her life. In trying to move on from a relationship that could never be, Imani may lose more than her business.

Ian Hunte is happy and in love, but when the woman he once loved (and still loves) needs his help he comes close to compromising his current relationship, a relationship with promise. But when Imani is really in trouble will he come to the rescue or turn his back on the past to save his future.

The final book in the series, Friends & Lovers, finds the once friends, once lovers, moving on with their lives, but when faced with life and death, they are forced to come to terms with their true feelings for each other.


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