More Than Friends

Lovers + Friends Series – Book 1

Would they risk a great friendship for love?

Imani James, a beautiful, black grad student, wasn’t looking for love but she discovers that Mr. Right is right at her finger tips. But when faced with having a friend become a lover, Imani hesitates, a decision she now regrets.

Over the short time he’s known Imani, Ian Hunte, an attractive, white law student, has fallen for his close friend and now he wants to be more than friends. Faced with rejection, e goes in search of love in all the wrong places only to discover that Imani is the only woman for him.

In trying to preserve their friendship, Imani brings it close to destruction, but when given a second chance will she accept Ian as a lover?


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I actually really liked the book. So much so I brought the series. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I like what the author did with the characters and even though I like happy ever after endings, I like the way the author hasn’t made the relationship easy It make the story more interesting for me Can’t wait to read more about Amy She’s something else but I like what the author did with her character also I’ll definitely be reading more from Ms Ming. Excellent job!!!!!!
– Kindle Customer