His Last Wish

A Sapodilla Resort & Spa Series – Book Two

Belinda Bembridge has her happily ever after or so she tells herself.

Then tragedy strikes when her husband, Kwame, is struck down at the side of a dirt road. On his deathbed, he makes a request of his wife.

A last wish Belinda can never refuse because it’s her fault Kwame is dead.

But as she is about to grant his wish, the loving wife discovers that her husband has not been totally honest with her. And to get to the truth, Belinda has to travel to his home island of St. Lucie.

With the help of Ryan Carlson, a man with his own struggles, Belinda must face the truth about her marriage. And be honest about what it is she really wants… even when it comes from the most unlikely place.

Her husband’s dying wish grants her heart’s desire.

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