Lovers + Friends Book 2: Just Friends

Can their love withstand this?

After taking the leap from being friends to being lovers, Imani James is more than content with her relationship with Ian Hunte, but a mistake in Ian’s recent past threatens their new relationship.

Ian is about to be a father and Imani is not the one pregnant with his child.

With the birth of Ian’s son, Imani uncovers a secret. One that may lead to the end of their perfect relationship. But it isn’t the secret that brings everything crashing down.

With every revelation, the couple remains strong and committed, but when faced with losing his son, Ian makes a decision that breaks Imani’s heart.

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Chapter Two

It was a few weeks after Imani mentioned going on a double date with Carmen and her boyfriend. Ian was open to the idea, but when he heard that Nolan was an attorney at one of the city’s top law firms, he was more than eager to go on the double date.

The week leading up to the double date, Ian was on top of his studies, and his relationship with Imani was flourishing. Still there was one drawback, a fly in the ointment by the name of Amy.

His ex had taken to texting him or calling him daily. For the most part he ignored both, deleting messages and rejecting calls. She did get through to him and he wished he had rejected the call. It was late at night and he was deep into research for a mock trial when his phone rang. Normally, he would have silenced it but he forgot. Without looking at the phone, Ian answered it.

“Hello,” Ian mumbled, rubbing his tired eyes.

“Why are you ignoring me, Ian?” Amy’s voice was sharp in his ear.

“Because in my book, our relationship is over,” Ian replied, sitting back. He contemplated hanging up, but he knew better. It was best they had this conversation and be over with it.

“We never officially broke up,” Amy said, her voice softening. She was taking a different angle.

“Let’s see,” Ian began. “You walked out the door in New Jersey and took the next train home, When you get home, you made it a point to retrieve all your things from my place. To me, that means our relationship is over.”

She was quiet for a beat, then two.

“What is it do you want, Amy?” Ian asked, wanting to bring the conversation to an end.

“I want you to be with me,” she whispered. “I don’t want to raise our child alone.”

“Excuse me,” Ian sat up. He thought he had misheard what his ex-girlfriend said.

“You heard me,” she said a bit louder. “I don’t want to raise our child alone.”

Ian was silent, his mind racing a million miles an hour. How could this happen? When did this happen? He always wore a condom, always except…. Except the day Imani came to the apartment to return a book.

“How far along are you?” he asked, numbly.

“Three, four months,” she answered too quickly in Ian’s estimation.
There were questions he wanted to ask, like was she sure it was his? But Ian couldn’t bring himself to ask her. Her, Amy, the mother of his child? The idea repulsed him.

“Where do we go from here?” he heard himself ask.

“How about we meet,” she said. “Maybe Friday night.”

“That won’t work, I have a prior engagement,” Ian said.

“A prior engagement?” Amy repeated. “You mean a date.”

“A night out with friends,” Ian corrected.

“You’re going out with her, aren’t you?” Ian could hear the bitterness in her voice. In that moment, he decided to put everything on the table.

“Yes, I am seeing Imani and things are going well.”

“I wonder if they will continue to go well once she finds out you are going to be a daddy,” it sounded like a threat to Ian’s ears.

“I’ll find out when I tell her,” he said, trying to take some wind out of Amy’s sail. “We can meet for brunch on Sunday. Take it or leave it.”

With a sigh, she said, “I’ll see you on Sunday. You know I still love you, Ian.”

He said nothing, choosing not to hurt her with the truth.

“I’ll see you on Sunday, Amy,” Ian said at last. He disconnected the call and stared at his phone. What just happened? In less than twenty minutes he became a daddy and instead of Amy being a part of his past, she was ensnared in his present and his future.

How will he explain this to Imani? The Imani from his past, his friend would help him through this hard time, but Imani, his girlfriend has a bigger stake in his life. Will she accept his child and a relationship with the child’s mother?”

So many questions and the only way to get answers is to talk to the woman he loved.

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Lovers + Friends Book 2: Just Friends
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