Lovers + Friends Book 4: Tomorrow’s End

All Things Must Come To An End

After starting her business, Imani James Consulting, Imani is threatened by a lawsuit that may bankrupt her. But help comes from the last person she wanted involved in her life. In trying to move on from a relationship that could never be, Imani may lose more than her business.

Ian Hunte is happy and in love, but when the woman he once loved (and still loves) needs his help he comes close to compromising his current relationship, a relationship with promise. But when Imani is really in trouble will he come to the rescue or turn his back on the past to save his future.

The final book in the series, Friends & Lovers, finds the once friends, once lovers, moving on with their lives, but when faced with life and death, they are forced to come to terms with their true feelings for each other.

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Chapter One

Imani James sat down heavily into the sofa, the lone letter that was in her mailbox fluttered to the floor. She just began her new life and now this.

Six months ago, she resigned from her job as the Marketing Manager of Hollyfields, a company in Portland, Oregon. Her business, a marketing consultancy was now paying more than her corporate job and had required more of the attention, She took the jump and instead of plummeting as her co-workers had predicted, Imani James Consulting was soaring with Imani at the helm. That is until today.

Her company, her baby, an extension of her, was being sued for copyright infringement and the plaintiff, IJC Limited, was asking for thousands of dollars in compensation.

As she sat numb in the dark living room, Imani was clueless on how exactly she infringed on their copyright. She had read the letter three times and still it left her in a state of confusion.

How was she going to deal with this?

Suddenly, her phone began to ring, the melody coming from the depths of her handbag piercing the fog in her head. She let it ring out, letting the caller be directed to the voicemail. She didn’t want to talk to anyone, she couldn’t.

Then the phone began to ring again. With a sigh, Imani dug into her bag and extracted the phone, swiping the answer button.

“Imani don’t tell me you are still at home,” Steven’s voice came through the earpiece. “Thought you would have been here by now.”
Imani heard Cheryl’s voice in the background, but her words were not clear. She imagined them standing outside CJ’s, a bar Cheryl had been raving about for the last two weeks. In the end she had convinced Imani and Steven into checking it out with her.

“I can’t make it,” Imani said quietly.

“What’s wrong?” he knew something was wrong, she knew he wouldn’t let her evade the question.

“I’m…” she swallowed hard, this was even harder to say. “I’m being sued.” There she said it out loud.

Steven scoffed, “Is that all? Come on down, we’ll lament over a round.”
“This is serious, Steven,” Imani was close to tears.

“So am I,” he responded. “It’s not going to get better with you holing up in your apartment. Come out, drown your worries and be comforted by your friends.”

He was right, there was nothing she could do now, but was she up to seeing him and his girlfriend? Wouldn’t it only remind her how lonely she was? And now that her company was at risk, her work, her life was going down the drain.

“I’ll think about it,” Imani said, disconnecting the call before Steven could get a word in.

She sat in the dark living room, her fears spinning and swirling around her like ghosts haunting her, taunting her. Everywhere she turned, Imani saw something that she would lose to IJC Limited. Her phone rang and he ignored it, she didn’t want to hear Steven urging her to come down to CJ’s.

A few minutes later, Imani got to her feet, and began to make her way to her bedroom. The prospect of her future weighing her down. At the doorway of her bedroom, she came to stop.

What is wrong with me? I can’t concede defeat without giving a fight. At the doorway to her proverbial cave, Imani found her backbone and it refused to let her burrow away from her problems.

Doing an about turn, she strode into the living room. Snatching up her phone and stuffing the letter into her bag, Imani made her way to the front door. As she locked it, she called Steven.

“Order a round and make mine a long island ice tea,” she said boldly. “I’ll either figure out what to do next or get plastered. At least one of those will make me feel better.”

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Lovers + Friends Book 4: Tomorrow’s End
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