Kinky Karibbean Vol III

Kinky Karibbean Vol III by Kimolisa Mings

Vol III of the Kinky Karibbean series

There is more to the Caribbean than sun, sea & sand…

Beyond the luxury resorts, small island living can veer towards the kinky side.

In Hurricane A’ Come, with the passing of the fierce storm, Ila must make a choice that may lead to a new beginning to her marriage or see the end of it for good.

In Naked & Unashamed, Having been tricked into going to a nude beach, Jahnecia thought it couldn’t get any worst, that is until she finds herself on a secluded beach with a sexy stranger.

In Her Boss’s Husband, there is one line career minded Clara should never cross, but in giving in to temptation, she discovers that things are never as they appear.

A collection of bite size erotica available through
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