Oration by Kimolisa Mings

Book #2 of the Integration Series

A BWWM, Erotic, Sci-Fi Romance

When She Speaks Will The Listen?

Dr. Selassie Ousab travels to the Planet Ondu to speak to the heads of the galaxy and to the contingency of alien life forms who are requesting the unthinkable. In front of the most powerful men and women of the galaxy, she makes a plea for a place in the galaxy for her unborn child.

In the audience sits the father of the child, Ambassador Helix Thorne. His position requires that he opposes integration but his heart wants the family that could never have a home in the segregated galaxy.

Can Selassie convince the powers that be that they must integrate for the survival of man? Will Helix give up his position for the family he can never have in the galaxy divided by race?

A BWWM, Erotic, Sci-Fi Romance available through
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