A Very Merry Ex-Mas

A Second Chance, Christmas Romance

He’s the last person she wants to spend Christmas with…

Weeks before Christmas, Aijah Washington is dumped by her perfect on paper boyfriend. Instead of facing her extended family after another failed relationship, the marketing executive rents a cabin in the countryside to lick her wounds and get over the man she believed was the one. But she’s not the only one escaping Christmas with the family…

Should he? Or should he not?

Travis Sinclair has to make a decision that would change his life forever. He knows what everyone expects of him, but he just can’t bring himself to pop the question. So he rents the cabin at which he usually stays to escape the city. But the decision becomes that more difficult to make when his past walks through the front door.

She believes he cheated on her.
He knows she broke his heart.

And now they are snowed in for the entire holiday weekend. When the truth of their past relationship is revealed, this may be a new beginning for the college sweethearts… if it weren’t for the decision Travis has to make.

Will Aijah find out? And when she learns this new truth will she turn her back for good on the one man she truly loves?

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